Our Process for Donating Proceeds to a Ministry YOU care about.

At Recell, we have a vision to impact God’s Kingdom financially, while giving ministries the financial freedom to finance their missions. We have never been more excited about electronic trash than we are today.

We empower our customers with effective means to make cash on their old or unused electronics. We are an electronics recycler that keeps electronics in use as long as possible. At Recell, we purchase gently-used devices and resell them to people who may be upgrading from older technology at a reduced cost.

With your help, we keep e-waste to a minimum, but more importantly, we are funding ministries everywhere in the world. We are a faith-based organization that is passionate about giving and growing the body of Christ.

When you gather your unused devices with the intent to give to a cause larger than yourself, you’re planting a financial seed for future growth in the Kingdom of God. The ten minutes you spend now to sell an old device can help impact the Kingdom of God forever.

Our Donation Process


Select Your Phone/Device

Click either of the two donate buttons depending on how many devices you wish to donate.


Get a Quote

Select/Enter the information about the device(s) you wish to donate to receive a quote.


Enter Your Ministry Information

Provide your information and your ministries information.


Ship To Us & Get A Check

Ship the phones to us and your ministry will get a check with you are the remitter.

Funding the Kingdom of God and your favorite ministry has never been easier. Turn in your old phones or tablets today; everyday you don’t turn them in, your devices are losing value. While donating old pieces of technology is an unconventional method of giving back to the faith-based community, you’ll be funding the ministry and supporting the Kingdom of God. And, you’ll be doing your part to save this planet, one of God’s most beautiful creations.

Will you take part in this amazing vision by collecting your old cell phones?

Join us on this incredible journey, so you can one day hear the words “well done good and faithful servant.”