The 3 Best Ways to Sell Broken iPhones

Your old iPhone served you well for months or years. Now, though, it sits on a shelf, broken and taking up space. How can you convert it to cash in your pocket? Check out these top options to sell broken iPhones.

1. Visit an iPhone Repair Store or Kiosk

Chances are that you've seen phone repair and electronic repair shops in your local malls or shopping centers. While these stores repair phones and electronics, they also often refurbish and sell used iPhones.

The challenge with these stores is that they aren't always convenient. You need to go to several of them to compare the quotes so you can make sure you're getting the best value possible. All of that hassle takes more time than you can probably fit into your schedule.

2. Trade In the Phone to Apple

Another option is to contact Apple about a trade-in. Apple will often give you credit for your old products that you can use toward new Apple products.

Keep in mind, however, that the trade-in value is often very low. There are restrictions on which models Apple will accept. Apple also limits the type and amount of damage your phone can have in order to be eligible for a trade-in.

Apple also doesn't offer cash for your phone; they only offer store credit. This usually isn't the best way to sell a damaged iPhone.

3. Sell Your Phone to

Arguably, the best way to sell a cracked iPhone is to partner with Our team offers several advantages you won't get from other reselling options. Our team offers several advantages you won't get from other reselling options.

or starters, our process is done entirely online. There's no need to leave your home, find transportation, and visit physical storefronts to get the service you need. You can also start the process at any time rather than trying to reach a store during their operating hours.

We buy a wide range of phone models with few restrictions for damage. This includes iPhones and iPads as well as phones and tablets from other brands.

Also, has a reputation for offering high selling prices. You'll have your choice of payment method as well, whether you prefer a check or a PayPal deposit. We don't require you to include the charger or other accessories for your phone. You'll receive your full payment even if you no longer have the additional items.

Last but not least, you can take your time and do your homework in advance. Our process allows you to get a quote for your broken iPhone online before you ship us the phone.

Some other online resellers require you to ship them the phone before they even determine if they'll accept it. That can lead to a lot of waiting for little or no reward.

The Best Ways to Sell Broken iPhones

Fortunately, there is a large market today for used and refurbished iPhones. This means you have many options as you search for the best ways to sell broken iPhones. However, one option stands above the rest:

To start the process of turning your broken iPhone into cash today, get a quote online for your device.