About reCell.io

We empower our customers with effective means to make cash on their old or unused electronics.

reCell.io is an electronics recycler. Our mission is to keep electronics in use as long as possible to keep e-waste to a minimum in our landfills while putting money in your pocket. How do we accomplish this? We purchase used electronics and resell them to people that may be upgrading from much older technology at a reduced cost.


Portable electronics hold a lot of personal information. Rest easy knowing we do a free Data Wipe of all information on all electronics that we buy the moment we receive them in our office.

Free Shipping

We cover the cost of shipping the phone to us as well! An email with a prepaid shipping label will be sent to you. Just print it out and put it on your box.


At reCell.io we will buy your phone from you and there are no auction fees, difficult listings, or dangerous face to face meetings with strangers.


We generally give about 15-30% more money per phone when compared to our competitors like Gazelle.